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Social Media Has Evolved!

And so has the role of the Social Media Professional.

If you are currently providing Social Media as a Service to Clients, then this information has the potential to immediately and forever change your business.

Today, your success as a Social Media Manager depends on your understanding of Social Media’s role in business. Your ability to help a company navigate the increasingly tricky waters of Social Media will determine who chooses to work with you, and how much they will pay.

Imagine the advantage that you would have if someone handed you a Social Media Strategic Playbook from the future. A Playbook that was the result of 10 years of Social Media client work, with every kind of business imaginable. From the mom and pop local business to speakers, authors, coaches, athletes, celebrities, tech startups, non-profits, all the way up to fortune 100 companies.

And imagine if that playbook gave you a step-by-step process that was successfully used perform  Social Media Audits and a Strategic Roadmaps for more than 300 companies over the span of two years?

What could the advantage of that knowledge do for you and your business?

What kind of confidence would it create for you?

How would it increase the value that you bring to your clients?

You’re about to find out because that’s exactly what’s you are about to get your hands on today!

Kate Buck has provided Social Media Services and Consulting for a decade and she’s been teaching Social Media Management for nearly as long. More than 30,000 students purchased her first course “Let’s Get Social” back in 2010.

In 2013 she merged her agency with 20-year digital marketing veteran Jesse Jameson and together they created Social Media Pro®.

In celebration of Social Media Pro®’s 5th anniversary & the holiday season, Social Media Pro® proudly presents…

Social Strategist Pro. A step-by-step Strategic Playbook for Social Media Professionals.

This is the exact plan and process that we use with all of our agency clients, and we charge a minimum of $2500 for the service. Let’s explore what’s in the course…